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Arthritis in Senior Pets

Nov 11, 2019   Tracey Aston   Health & Wellness

Arthritis, or joint inflammation, will affect 1 in 5 pets in their lifetime and is the number 1 reason pet parents seek out pain medications for…  Read More »

Making Your Home Senior Pet Friendly

Nov 7, 2019   Tracey Aston   Pet Safety

By the time your beloved pet reaches their senior years, they have most likely shared a home with you for close to a decade…  Read More »

Pet Care For All Stages of Life

Oct 24, 2019   Tracey Aston   Health & Wellness

From the tiniest ball of fluff to the greying muzzle of a faithful companion, pets have…  Read More »

Pet Dental Health

Oct 17, 2019   Tracey Aston   Grooming

We brush and bathe our pets. We research the best foods and veterinary care, and we make sure to exercise and provide mental stimulation.…  Read More »

Nose to Tail Checkup

Oct 10, 2019   Tracey Aston   Health & Wellness

Even though sometimes we wish they could, our pets can't talk to us. In the case of keeping our secrets, that may be a…  Read More »

Dog Walking Laws and Safety

Oct 7, 2019   Tracey Aston   Pet Safety

Walking with our favorite furry friends can be great exercise and stress relief for pet parents and provides physical and mental benefits for our…  Read More »

Loose Leash Walking

Oct 4, 2019   Tracey Aston   Training

One of the simplest and most enjoyable ways to spend time with your dog is by taking a leisurely walk. Walking provides great exercise…  Read More »

State Exemptions for Rabies Vaccine

Aug 26, 2019   Tracey Aston   Health & Wellness

Veterinarians, shelters and most rescues will push yearly vaccines for pets, but not all pets can safely have yearly vaccines. Pets with passed negative reactions to…  Read More »

Titer Testing

Aug 22, 2019   Tracey Aston   Health & Wellness

Many pet parents concerned about over-vaccination don't realize there are options available such as titer testing. The majority of pet parents have never even…  Read More »

Vaccines in Relation to Autoimmune Diseases

Aug 19, 2019   Tracey Aston   Health & Wellness

Vaccines are meant to trigger the immune system, that's what they do.  In some cases, that triggering can lead…  Read More »

Over Vaccination

Aug 15, 2019   Tracey Aston   Health & Wellness

One of the first things a new pet parent is told when choosing their new family member is to immediately schedule a veterinary appointment for the…  Read More »

Vaccines and Vets

Aug 8, 2019   Tracey Aston   Health & Wellness

Most pet parents believe their veterinarian to be the utmost reference for knowledge on their pets, and most cases this is true. Veterinarians do what they…  Read More »

Vaccines 101

Aug 1, 2019   Tracey Aston   Health & Wellness

Vaccines, sometimes referred to as “shots”, are a way to prepare a pet's immune system to fight off disease causing organisms.  Vaccinations play a critical…  Read More »

What You Need to Know About PA's Weather Laws

Jul 29, 2019   Tracey Aston   Pet Safety

On June 29 2017, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf signed “Libre's Law.” The law, named after…  Read More »

The Dangers of Unattended Pets

Jul 25, 2019   Tracey Aston   Pet Safety

Every year, thousands of pets are stolen to either be sold to laboratories, for fighting rings as fighters or bait dogs, for ransom to…  Read More »

Pets and Water Safety

Jul 22, 2019   Tracey Aston   Pet Safety

Many dogs enjoy the playing in the water and summer time is the perfect time for swimming and enjoying the water. Not only is…  Read More »

Heat Related Dangers for Pets

Jul 18, 2019   Tracey Aston   Pet Safety

Imagine sitting outside in 80+ degree weather with a full coat on.  Now imagine you're running around chasing a ball or playing a game…  Read More »

How to Help Protect a Pet From Getting Lost

Jul 11, 2019   Tracey Aston   Pet Safety

It's a pet parent's worst nightmare - one minute your pet is there, the next,…  Read More »


Jul 3, 2019   Tracey Aston   Health & Wellness

There are two things synonymous with Independence Day celebrations – fireworks and family picnics! More and more families are bringing their furry family members along with…  Read More »

Noise Phobias and Calming Techniques

Jul 1, 2019   Tracey Aston   Health & Wellness

The summer months can be a virtual minefield for pets with noise phobias. The hotter, humid days can usher in the chance of severe thunderstorms and…  Read More »

Cat Aggression

Jun 27, 2019   Tracey Aston   Health & Wellness

According to animal behaviorists, feline aggression is the second most common feline behavior problem seen. Aggressive cats are very formidable! Aggressive cats will not…  Read More »

Cat Mental Stimulation

Jun 24, 2019   Tracey Aston   Health & Wellness

Mental stimulation and exercise is just as important for our cats as physical exercise and the benefits are two fold! One, a bored kitty…  Read More »

Traveling with a Cat

Jun 20, 2019   Tracey Aston   Pet Safety

Whether going on a vacation, moving or a simple trip to your veterinarian to make sure your cat is in good health, there are times…  Read More »

How to Litter Train a Cat

Jun 10, 2019   Tracey Aston   Training

It's a common misconception that cats are born litter trained and won't require any extra training. While…  Read More »

Cat Misconceptions

Jun 3, 2019   Tracey Aston   Health & Wellness

“In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.” “Dogs have owners, cats have staff.”  We've all heard the funny, cute and…  Read More »

It Takes More Than a Love For Pets

May 27, 2019   Tracey Aston   Hiring a Pet Sitter

Online dog walking apps and part-time pet sitters are popping up all over the internet, unfortunately, the horror…  Read More »

The Danger of Fake Reviews

May 23, 2019   Tracey Aston   Hiring a Pet Sitter

The digital age has changed our daily lives in varied and positive ways – computers, cell phones that double as tiny computers, instant communication and a…  Read More »

Kids and Pets

May 13, 2019   Tracey Aston   Pet Safety

A family expecting a baby is one of the main reasons pets are rehomed but this doesn't have to be the case.  To increase…  Read More »

Age Appropriate Pet Responsibilities

May 9, 2019   Tracey Aston   Pet Safety

 Not only is the family pet a great first friend for children, pets can be a great way to teach children age appropriate pet…  Read More »

How to Safely Approach a Dog

May 6, 2019   Tracey Aston   Pet Safety

Who doesn't love a cute dog? Those puppy eyes and soft fur and unconditional love are only…  Read More »

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