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Pet Thyroid Health

Oct 29, 2020   Tracey Aston   Health & Wellness

The thyroid gland is part of our pet's endocrine system, and makes the hormone thyroxine necessary for proper cell function. The thyroid plays a part in…  Read More »

Vestibular Disease, Seizure or Stroke? How to tell the difference.

Oct 26, 2020   Tracey Aston   Health & Wellness

Similar to humans, many conditions and diseases our pets suffer from can share similar…  Read More »

Pet Supplements

Oct 19, 2020   Tracey Aston   Diet and Nutrition

As pet parents we try our best to keep our pets healthy and happy. Proper nutrition, exercise, mental stimulation and positive training are all components to…  Read More »

My Pet is Not Replaceable

Aug 27, 2020   Tracey Aston   Pet Loss

It was July 21st 2007 and I was awake at the crack of dawn, even though I couldn't pick up my new family member until…  Read More »

The Dangers of Choosing the Wrong Dog Trainer

Jul 30, 2020   Tracey Aston   Training

One of the most overlooked steps in pet care is training. In the past we have written…  Read More »

The Danger of Shaving a Pet

Jul 23, 2020   Tracey Aston   Grooming

When the summer months arrive, pet parents are always on the lookout for ways to keep their pets…  Read More »

Where to go During Emergencies

Jun 15, 2020   Tracey Aston   Pet Safety

We'd all like to believe emergency and disasters won't happen to us and in a perfect world, they wouldn't but we all know that's not the…  Read More »

Pets and Post COVID-19 Concerns

Jun 8, 2020   Tracey Aston   Health & Wellness

The world has changed. No one is arguing that. Words like pandemic, social isolation and CDC guidelines have become normal everyday topics now. We all have…  Read More »

Separation Anxiety

Jun 6, 2020   Tracey Aston   Behavior

In our recent blog post Separation Anxiety in Senior Pets, we discussed how separation anxiety can affect senior pets due to joint and mobility issues, sight…  Read More »

Anxiety in Pets

Jun 4, 2020   Tracey Aston   Behavior

When we think of our pets, we picture lazy days napping on the furniture, lying in the sun and frolicking carefree. We hardly ever associate…  Read More »


Jun 1, 2020   Tracey Aston   Training

Few things are more exciting than adding a new furry family member to your household! You read the blogs about Preparing Your Home for a New…  Read More »

Knowing When it's Time

May 25, 2020   Tracey Aston   Pet Loss

“The only time a pet has broken my heart is when they had to leave.”  It's a common saying but it holds so much truth. The…  Read More »

Diets and Nutrition for Disease Care

May 7, 2020   Tracey   Diet and Nutrition

A pet's cancer diagnosis can be shocking and life-altering but thankfully now more than ever there are treatments…  Read More »

Poisonous Yard Items

Apr 23, 2020   Tracey Aston   Health & Wellness

Spring is here!  That means our pets will be spending much more time outside running, playing, burning off energy and laying in the sun.…  Read More »

How to Choose a Groomer

Apr 20, 2020   Tracey Aston   Grooming

There are many reasons why a pet parent would want to take their pet to a professional groomer. Groomers are trained in the proper tools used…  Read More »

How to Maintain a Pet's Coat

Apr 13, 2020   Tracey Aston   Grooming

Our pets are valuable parts of our lives and we want them with us are much as possible.…  Read More »

Hot Spots

Apr 9, 2020   Tracey Aston   Health & Wellness

Hot spots are the most common dermatological condition in pets and most pet parents have faced them in varying degrees.  Hot spots, also called acute moist dermatitis,…  Read More »

Intestinal Parasites Overview

Apr 2, 2020   Tracey Aston   Health & Wellness

Worms are never a pleasant topic and no one wants to think of their beloved pet being infested with parasites, but understanding the risks, symptoms, and…  Read More »

Homeopathic Remedies for Fleas and Ticks

Apr 2, 2020   Tracey Aston   Health & Wellness

Spring and Summer bring out the bugs and there is nothing worse than noticing creepy crawlies on our pets! However, harsh chemicals can be hard on…  Read More »

Who to Call for Animal Related Emergencies

Mar 30, 2020   Tracey Aston   Pet Safety

Animal lovers are always the first to want to help and are more than willing to jump…  Read More »

Upper Respiratory Infections in Cats

Mar 19, 2020   Tracey Aston   Health & Wellness

Unfortunately, upper respiratory infections are very common in cats and kittens and can vary in severity up to and including the possibility of developing pneumonia. Thankfully,…  Read More »

Outdoor and Environmental Allergies

Mar 12, 2020   Tracey Aston   Health & Wellness

Spring is right around the corner and with it the joys of warmer weather, new growth and getting outdoors. It also brings with it something we'd…  Read More »

The Life of a Professional Pet Care Specialist

Mar 7, 2020   Tracey Aston   Hiring a Pet Sitter

I truly believe being in pet care is a calling. It's hard work being responsible for…  Read More »

I Took Care of Your Pet Today

Mar 5, 2020   Tracey Aston   Training

I took care of your pet today.  I was so excited to meet your pet and get…  Read More »

Professional Pet Care Specialist As Your Go-To Person

Mar 3, 2020   Tracey Aston   Hiring a Pet Sitter

In past articles, we've gone over all the wonderful benefits of having a Professional Pet Care Specialist…  Read More »

Emergency Evacuation Plans for Pets

Feb 27, 2020   Tracey Aston   Pet Safety

Emergencies come out of nowhere and while no one ever thinks they will happen to them, unfortunately, there is always the risk for all of us.…  Read More »

Separation Anxiety in Senior Pets

Feb 24, 2020   Tracey Aston   Senior Pet Care

As our pets begin to age, they can develop new behavioral issues that didn't have in the past, such as separation anxiety. While the symptoms of…  Read More »

Behavioral Changes in Senior Pets

Feb 20, 2020   Tracey Aston   Senior Pet Care

Like us, as our pets begin to age, they go through many physical and mental changes. Some of the changes are more obvious like limping…  Read More »

How to Find a Positive Based Trainer

Feb 3, 2020   Tracey Aston   Training

Whether in need of a trainer for a behavioral problem with your pet or just looking to brush…  Read More »

Pet Obesity and Weight Loss

Jan 23, 2020   Tracey Aston   Diet and Nutrition

We've all been there, those cute puppy dog eyes seeming to peer into your soul or those precious kitty chirps and head tilts all…  Read More »

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