Jen is by the far the best pet sitter/trainer I have ever met in this area! I just recently got a puppy 4 months ago, and I had no idea what I was doing. Jen was there for me through the whole thing and still is to this day. Every question or problem I have, I contact Jen right away and she answers immediately or gets back to me as soon as possible. She is kind, hardworking, trustful, and loving to my puppy. She goes out of her way to do everything and anything to every pet and pet owner. She comes to you so it makes things easier on you and if you have a very busy schedule. So glad I found her and that my puppy loves her! He is so smart for being 6 months old and I couldn't thank Jen enough for helping me through this journey.

– Luke and Benny

When we moved to PA, our new neighbors gave rave reviews about Jen, and we were not disappointed when we met her. Well, they were right because Jen is the best. Initially, we had two cats who were in their late teens and both had medical issues requiring twice daily medication. This past March, our one cat's condition deteriorated rapidly and she died. While we still miss her, Kieran, who will be 20 in January, is thoroughly enjoying all the attention she gets. She absolutely loves Jen and wants her to forget the chores she does and just play with her. As soon as she gets to the door, Kieran goes to the top of the steps and "yells" for her to come up. Jen comes 3 times a day so Kieran is totally happy. It is so apparent that Jen really cares about her charges and their families. One time when we were going away, our cat who died wasn't eating too much, and we were wondering if we should go. Well, Jen said that she would stop by the store on her next visit that day and buy some baby food for her, which worked. Jen, of course, always texts great messages and sends photos. I can't imagine not having her there to take care of Kieran. It is nice to go away and know that everything will be OK. Knowing Jen, you know how steady she is and that she would handle any emergency that might occur and keep you up-to-date on what was happening. We totally recommend her.

– Kieran and Kendra

Update: we used Comfort at Home Pet Services again this year (2018) and I will say this review still applies. Special mention to Amber who watched our pets most of the time this year. She was amazing with the kitty girls. Jen is the BEST pet sitter ever, and her staff are fantastic too. I just had Jen watching my 3 cats, rescues who have some issues so they need extra TLC, and Jen is fantastic with them. We came home to relaxed pets. She is reliable, professional, and she actually loves your animals as if they were her own. What more could you ask for. We will use her for our vacation from now on.

– Mischief, Minx, Misty

This is the greatest pet service ever. The owner is the most compassionate, loving, helpful person I know. My husband just recently passed away and the owner of this company, and her employees, took wonderful care of my beloved pet while my husband was in the hospital and during the funeral. I needed to take my pet to the vet today, and I am unable to lift my sick dog into a vehicle, so the owner of this company came and picked me and my dog up and took us to the vet. It was her suggestion to do this. All at no charge. I' ve never seen compassion like she demonstrates. I can't say enough good about this individual and their service. She also is very knowledgeable about taking care of pets and their health. If you're looking for a qualified and loving pet sitter for your precious pet, this is the service to call. And she also left us with a half bag of treats. Love you.

– Daisy

Let me start by saying, Jen is our neighbor's dog sitter we have chatted with her but usually have family or friends watch our dogs when we go out of town. This will be changing because Jen has gone far beyond anything we could have asked for and helped us recently.

Our 10 month old German Shepherd ran out of our yard 2/13, we were heart broken when he did not return. Jen showed up and took charge the next day. She got a network of people to start posting flyers, told us what to do (leaving out food, bedding, our dirty clothes, dirty cat litter - Yes our yard was a mess!) She also helped us manage social media and had us calling police station and kennels. She worked with us for FIVE long days - Then we got a call that someone saw him...she went with us and helped us get him. We were all in tears.

I leave this review, not as a current client, but as a future one...this review is a testament of her character and kindness and true love of animals. We could NEVER thank her enough!

– Mia & Gunther

I love that my Teddy can stay in the comfort of his own home and I don't have to worry when I am away. Jen and here staff have come thru for me even in a pinch at the last minute when something unexpected comes up. And Teddy loves Jen.

– Teddy

Jen is by the far the best pet sitter I have ever had. She is so kind, compassionate and loving to our dog and to us. She truly loves her job and her "clients". We are new to the area and needed a pet sitter. Jen has many clients in our neighborhood and everyone gave her the highest of praise and recommendations. So glad we found her!

– Maya

Jen and her staff are unsurpassed in their devotion and care for our dogs (all 3 of them). When we travel we never worry about them, knowing that Comfort At Home Pet Services will provide them with the absolute best in care.

– Tucker, Butler and Molly

Jen has been wonderful with our dogs! We had a HORRIBLE sitter before and we're very worried about leaving our dogs again. She has been the best and her sitters are great with our dogs! Thank you Jen for everything!

– Josie and Copper

Jen, just wanted to publicly say THANK YOU for all you do for us!!! You alway make our lives easier (except when you go on vaca ;)). Thanks for all the love, support, hard work, dedication, and caring. It's never "just a job" with you!!! You are AMAZING and we love you!!! XO
Cannot ever imagine having to ever use anyone else!!!

– Darby, Bleu, Lucy, Callie, Bayleigh, Sydney and Mia

Jen, with Comfort at Home, has been wonderful to us and our doggies. It is always tough to leave your pets but even worse when one is chronically ill with heart disease. Our one dog, Beamer, needs meds multiple times per day, and I feel comfortable trusting Jen's Petsitters to administer it correctly! I give them 10 stars!!!

– Beamer and Mercedes

Great service and super friendly! Love how they come to your home and they are awesome with my puppy. Would absolutely recommend them to anyone!!

– Rocco

Jennifer and her staff are SUPERB. Reliable, caring, trustworthy pet advocates, friends and "family" since 2014, for my animals, my 104 year old mom, and me. I can not say enough.

– Sabrina

The best pet sitters EVER! Our dog cannot go to a kennel...I'm so thankful I found Jen and her staff! They are wonderful and caring!

– Piper

Took the best care with my crazy, Dobbie..... She even trained her to sit, stay, come, and heal.... 
I didn't think anyone could...
10 stars because 5 is just not enough..
And I can not thank them enough...
Love these guys......

– Dani

Jen is great with the pets! She is very caring and considerate. She really loves animals and is very dependable!

– Animal Hut

Jen and all the Comfort at home ladies are wonderful! They are always on time and accommodating of my schedule. Highly recommend!

– Zinnia, Rowdy & Jasmine

I love this company and the people who work here the owner is so helpful can't thank them enough for everything they do.

– Monkey

Roman, Gabby, Jinx, Simba and Macy All love Jen!! and Roman doesn't like anyone!!

– Roman, Gabby, Jinx, Simba and Macy

While Jen was unable to personally work with  my family because we reside outside of the areas she services, she heard me out regarding the issues with our newly adopted rescue dog and pointed me in the direction of someone who works with the behavioral concerns that we are seeing, and in the area in which we live.  Her strong recommendation of another well-qualified professional was helpful, courteous, and unnecessarily kind.

– Jamie C.

They are professional, reliable, knowledgeable and passionate about dogs!  They communicate regularly on overnight stays and are friendly and easy to work with.  I feel completely comfortable when I go away and they are at my home.

– Lewie

We think of Jen like a trusted family member, but with incredible pet-caring skills! She is one of the most personable, approachable, thoughtful, perceptive, and talented people we know (not just in the pet care world). Our pets are pretty high maintenance, and we are probably also difficult to work with at times, with indefinite travel plans and changing dates, but Jen handles it all with her signature combination of seriousness, excellence and humor! We have multiple pets, with varying needs that Jen cares for. She gives multiple medications on every visit (something we ourselves still struggle with at times), cares for both indoor and outdoor pets and has even made friends with a neighborhood stray that visits for a quick bite now and then. She has come to know what is normal behavior for our pets, and calls out when something is not normal. Beyond that, if an issue arises, she is ready with a plan or solution, eliminating a sense of helplessness for us when we are far away and unable to act. Her communication is unparalleled. She sends updates during every visit, on each pet. She includes pictures and videos, too! It really helps us feel like we are there with her. She has, not just occasionally, but frequently gone above and beyond the expectations of her type of work for us - taking an injured pet to the vet, which took hours...dealing graciously with our forgetting to add her to the "ok" list with our security company, helping us find a cat who was lost (during a time when we were home and not contracted with her), etc. And, she is a tremendous resource on all things "pet" outside of service times. She has a network of other pet service providers, and is extremely knowledgeable and highly professional, in general. We trust that all is going to be well when we leave our home and pets in her care. The gift of peace of mind and relaxation when we travel is immeasurable.

– Kit Kat, Bobcat, Momma, Daddy, Fluffy and Big Ears

In the interest of time and space I will list 12 examples of how Jen has been amazing with my animals.
1.  My husband and I had a trip planned and were using a kennel for our young dog, as Jen had been booked for the overnights and could not stay with our dog, but could stop in for 3 visits a day for my cats.  At the time, I had only one special needs cat that required someone to feed her 3 times a day.  Jen had that covered. However, the kennel where I was boarding my dog was not sure they had space for my dog for the duration of our stay.  Jen was going to go pick her up and take her to her house with her dogs.  She stopped by my house and got the extra crate and food.  As it turned out, the kennel made arrangements for my dog for the entire stay, but the fact Jen was will to go above and beyond to make our trip seamless, was quite impressive.
2.  On another visit, I was away at the beach with a girlfriend, my husband was home with the pets but still had to go to work, so Jen was coming in and doing feedings and scoop kitty litter while my husband was at work.  I had a cat that needed a follow-up visit to the vet and I had asked Jen to do it rather than have my husband do it, as I knew Jen would ask all the right follow-up questions and how to proceed going forward.  While loading my cat into the car, she noticed my indoor/outdoor cat and noticed he was limping/bleeding.  She immediately scooped him up and took him with her to the vet. Thank goodness she did.  He had lost a toenail and it had become infected.  Jen is just amazing that way.
3.  I was training my dog to be a therapy dog and was not happy with one of the companies I was given an option to test with.  Jen not only introduced me to the group she was working with, but went with me to the meetings and first visit.
4.  One night at around 10:30 p.m. I was trimming the back nails of one of my cats.  I had cut too much and the toenail started to bleed. I had none of the antiseptic powder that stops the bleeding.  Immediately I texted Jen even though it was so late.  She told me what alternative products I could use and offered to bring over her antiseptic powder.  One of the alternatives worked. 
5.  I came home from a vacation to a sign that read "Caution, Cat Crossing" as I have an indoor/outdoor cat that will sleep in the driveway or dart out of a shrub as you drive around my driveway to the garage.  Now, everyone who comes up my driveway slows down for my baby boy.  Thanks Jen!!!
6.  My mother adopted a 9-year-old rescue dog.  It was having trouble eating and was constantly itching.  I told Jen, she immediately started texting and facebooking with my my to help her find a solution.  They did.  With Jen's help, they figured out the dog had a food allergy and now my mom's dog is healthy and happy.  Any issues my mother has, she goes directly to Jen.
7.  I had done formal training sessions as well as private lessons with my dog, Darby, from the time she was 12 weeks old.  She is now 3.5 years old.  I could not EVER get her to "give paw."  I finally resigned myself that my dog was never going to be a dog that gives paw.  I came home from a trip with my husband and Jen said, "show mommy what you can do."  Darby gave paw.  UNBELIEVABLE!!!  In addition, Darby will do a sitting "Leave it."  While sitting with her, a treat is dropped in front of her and she is told to leave it until commanded to do otherwise.  I had been unable to get her to do it, but Jen had her master it.  
8.  Jen is very good at texting after each visit with a brief update.
9.  In all the years of using Jen, she has never canceled, been late or forgotten a single visit.
10.  She will schedule play dates with neighborhood dogs when watching multiple neighbor dogs.  They all get along so great.  
11.  Most recently, my 2nd special needs kitty was having issues and the vet recommended we have her scoped.  I was not ready to do that, but I contacted Jen immediately to get her thoughts and advice.  She made a bunch of calls on my behalf to check on holistic treating vets.  Jen and I are both willing to do holistic treatments on our animals.  Jen brought over an herb mixture for my baby, and she has been doing great ever since.  
12.  I have a cat with no teeth and is a very picky eater.  She will only eat roaster chicken, shredded turkey lunch meat and human tuna.  While away on trips, Jen will stop at the grocery store and pick up fresh food for my kitty as I cannot provide enough for a trip lasting longer than 3-4 days.
I could go on and on, but there is nothing she will not do for her clients.

– Darby, Bleu, Lucy, Callie, Bayleigh, Sydney and Mia

It is such a relief to know my four cats are in wonderful care of Jen's services when I need to travel for work or go on that rare vacation. Her extensive knowledge of medical, behavioral, and feeding needs of pets, especially of my two neurotic kitties, is a huge comfort to me. I trust her completely to take care of keeping my cats, and my house, safe and secure each time I go away! Thank you so much for your services and dedication to animals!

– Pumpkin, 3 Spot, Mavis, Flopsy

Outstanding ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ service! My doggies, and my mum, LOVE Jen and Amber! Please feel free to privately message me for further comments or questions! 

– Libby and Julie

Our pets are our children especially now that our human children are grown and living their own lives. We will not ever compromise on their health, care or well-being. We use only the best of everything for them. So, naturally, we are only going to use the best, top-notch pet sitter. We have interviewed MANY persons while looking for the one. No one got through the door to meet our pets until Jen. Jen is part of the family. We need peace of mind that life carries on normally when we go away. Jen makes it a seamless experience. We have 6 cats and an English Lab, very high energy. Jen has an excellent relationship with our vet and vet office staff. So that is never a worry for us, and YES she has had to do emergency pet runs. We have an indoor/outdoor cat that needs constant care and observation. Jen's on top of that always. We get "proof of life" photos and updates regularly throughout the day when we are traveling. Jen is full of knowledge and ideas and helps us problem solve when issues arise concerning our pets and how to manage issues. When our cat, Lucy, started having bowel/GI issues, Jen created a chart that allows us to track everything regarding Lucy's health and wellness. It has been an amazing tool for us in the process of getting her well. Jen is incredibly responsive with texts. When dad was hospitalized for over 5 months Jen was the go-to person to help with the pets as emergencies arose throughout dad's health crisis. We could go on and on. However, suffice it to say, we cannot imagine having pets and not having Jen. As long as she is in this business and has time for our pets, Jen and Comfort at Home is the only service for our family.

– Darby, Bleu, Lucy, Callie, Bayleigh, Sydney and Mia

I absolutely love Jenn.  She did a fabulous job of taking care of our two dogs and we have booked her multiples times throughout the coming year.  She stayed at our home and you would never have thought anyone had been here.  Everything was perfect.  I can't say enough good things about her.

– Charlie and Rosie

Jen was recommended by 2 ladies I worked with and that was approximately 4 years ago.  She is such a wonderful person and has taken great care of all my dogs over the years.  I cannot thank her enough for being so caring and always there when I needed her.  In the past, I have had several older dogs with medical issues and she and her workers have cared for them in difficult times.  Jen and her workers are awesome and trustworthy. 
I adopted a rescue dog about a year ago with behavior concerns.  Jen was right there to help/guide me to confront his issues.  She is amazing and I'm so happy to have found a great service and a friend. 
She loves animals and is a very caring person as well. 
I have a pet sitter from her service come in 4 days a week and other times when necessary.  My furry kids just love her!

– Kali and Clyde

Jennifer hires only the best.  AND, if there is a gap, b/c of employee departure, Jennifer fills in.  If she can not meet the exact criteria (time) set up, she negotiates.  All are always respectful, and go above and beyond.  Jennifer's team has done "doggie hospice" with my dying dog, and I could not have asked for more.  They are pet advocates, friends, and trustworthy "family" members.  They have been with my animals (and my 104 year old mom) DAILY since 2014 and I have nothing but the best to say.

– Sabrina

You live up to your company's name! It does give me comfort that Charlie is well cared for and now my plants as well. I love the pictures you send of Charlie when I'm out of town!

Thanks for your great service,

– Charlie

The only other person that cares as much for our boy Henry as we do, is Jen. She has been there for us since the day we brought him home and we consider ourselves quite lucky to have such a devoted, knowledgeable and caring person to help take care of our pet. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to pet care and training and it's quite obvious she loves her job...she always goes above and beyond for her clients! Jen and her team have played an integral part in training Henry and our boy is such a great dog as a result of it! So if you need help with pet care or any training services, call Jen at Comfort at Home Pet Services... you won't regret it and your pet with thank you!

– Henry

Hiring Jen has been the best decision I have ever made for my dogs! She is always prompt and my dogs love her! We will be going on vacation in August and for the first time, do not feel any anxiety about leaving them. She's very knowledgeable and have given me many valuable information! Thanks Jen!!

– Major and Dbo

I want to give a shout out to Amber and Jen for going above and beyond caring for Skye today after she encountered a nest of bees. Besides keeping me informed, they took Skye to the vet for treatment, Jen picked up medicine and took her to her house so she could be watched then drove her back to my house tonight after our son was home from work! Peace of mind that our dogs are in good hands while we are away. Thank you Comfort at Home Pet care for everything!

– Skye and Taylor

Jen has been amazing! We have 2 ferrets that have insulin on and need strict medication every 12 hours. This left my wife and me struggling to plan trips or get out of the house for any extended period of time. (Not many people will care for ferrets). Comfort at Home changed that for us; total lifesaver! Not only do I feel comfortable with Jen watching them, but she has gone way above and beyond…checking on other household things while she's there sending pictures and updates, all that jazz! Thank you,thank you, thank you!!!!

– Lux and Addy

Wanted to thank ken and the wonderful work she does. Comfort at Home Pet Services has been a life saver. Our very large family of different animals are always well cared for and happy to see Jen and her employees. I always recommend them to everyone I know. Cant thank you enough!!!

– Nibbles, Pebbles, Fluffy, Ellie, Spikey and Tiny

Jen is not just a pet sitter, she is a Professional Pet Care Specialist and there is a difference! Her knowledge of pet care is only matched by her dedication to her clients and their pets! She is educated on pet care, nutrition, training, behavior and is certified in pet CPR and first aid! Jennifer Sybol is in a league of her own when it comes to the level of care she provides!

– Spencer

I HIGHLY recommend Comfort at Home Pet Services LLC for dog training or any other needs! Jen came to help with training my pups and I'm super impressed with the progress after one visit! There's quite the story behind my dogs (who are all rescues) but I realized there is hope! A+ services! 

– -Rachelle Pape

Jen is a wonderful professional dog trainer who absolutely improved my dogs behavior and my sanity. Her insight and reliability are top notch. Jen is a very caring and sensitive professional.

– Sparky

I couldn't ask for a better dog sitter. Jen took great care of my pets for me a couple of times and I can honestly say she's great! My pets adore her 🌺

– Thor , Kitty

Jen and her crew have been literally Lifesavers for us and our little friends! We have many pets but especially our 3 chinchillas, that get a little bit stinky and need some extra love. They are wonderful about making sure their cages are nice and clean and they are super happy! We are a very busy family who loves their pets but need just a little extra help! They are reliable and go abound and beyond what we ever expected! Not sure what we and our very friends would do without them!

– Tiny, Fish Tank , Spikey , Ellie , Fluffy ,Pebbles , Nibbles

Jen and her team have always been completely professional and reliable! Our cats are EXTREMELY finicky! She goes out of her way to completely fulfill each cat's needs. We can't describe how much of a life saver they have been. Feeling safe allowing others to care for your pets can be difficult...but Rory, Loki and Thor always ❤ when they come visit!

– Rory, Loki , Thor

Jen has done nothing less than an outstanding job taking care of our two precious dogs she is always professional and goes above and beyond to make sure everyone remains safe and everything is taken care of. She is nothing short of awesome.

– Charlie

great company, very well with pets

– Tank , Diesel, Bella , Arnold the pig

 Wonderful experience! I will certainly use their services again in the future and pass the word on to others. Jen was the best!!

– Buddy

 Jen and her staff are the best. It is obvious how much they love and care for their "clients". She has been there for me in both pre-planned trips and last minute emergencies. Highly recommend.

– Lewie

   I have used Comfort Home Pet Services for over 7 years now and they are terrific from dog sitting during the day, overnight sitting and training. I highly recommend them. My dogs love them and look forward to every visit.

– Kali,Clyde,

Jen & Her Team are some of the most dedicated, honest people we have came across. They truly do go above and there service is un matched. The time they spend with your pet, training them and breaking every bad habit, and the way they train them with good habits is truly amazing. And on top of everything they will do for you during your visits, they take some awesome pictures of your pets and send an update after each visit!!!
If you are looking for someone that can handle your pet and can walk your pet stress free while you are working, or need someone too look after your pets while you and the family go on a family vacation?
Do Not Waste Your Time Calling Anywhere Else!
You Will Not Be Disappointed! Trust Me!!
Thank You again!!!

– Tyson, Roxi, Koebe

Jen went above and beyond caring for our kitties and chickens. She sent us updates every day and took exceptional care of the pets. Very trustworthy & we are all thankful for her fantastic service!

– Dewey, bean bean, Ozzy, Henrietta, Beaktrice, Loretta, Wanda, Dotty

We went from having a crazy black lab who we thought we would have to rehome, to having a compliant, easy to walk dog thanks to Jen at Comfort at Home Pet Services LLC. 10/10 We are so proud of Liam

– Liam

Today, I told myself I need to take the time to write some thank yous.  I have a tendency to prioritize work - all the time.  But tonight, I took a few minutes to appreciate the work of others….

So first, I just need to express how grateful I am to have Jen Sybol and Comfort at Home Pet Services LLC in my life.  This review has been a long time coming, and I'm only sorry I didn't make time to write it sooner.  We've been working with Jen for over 3 years.

We first met Jen when my dog's prior midday dog walker turned out to be wholly untrustworthy and unreliable.  Jen was recommended and even after we'd been burned by the last place, she immediately put me at ease leaving my baby in her capable hands.  Yes, there were the certifications and training and all the right questions and how clearly these all reflected her care and concern for the wellbeing of her charges.  But there was also just her, and my dog approved too.  Not only was she as reliable as they come, but over the time that he walked with her, I also started to notice my dog was better behaved when walking on the leash with me, as Jen is also a trainer and behaviorist who brings blessings over and above the job description. 

Sadly, during the early pandemic, we needed to put the midday walks on hold, and my baby continued to age and his arthritis progressed to severe.  Physical therapy wasn't cutting it anymore.  But when we were able to re-engage Jen, we started to notice an improvement in his pain and mobility.  We found out she was massaging him when she saw him, and helped me learn how to help him better in that way, among many other ways that she helped. 

When we lost my boy, I was heartbroken, and took some time to heal.  And when I thought I wanted to try again, we had some discouraging experiences.  But Jen offered the support and encouragement I needed to find our current dog, and I would not have my girl without her.  She is the reason I have another sweet crazy canine in my life, and then provided the reassurance and advice we needed for our current baby to settle in safely with our cats.  She gives so generously of her time and effort, and truly cares for her clients (human and canine and feline), and she's truly a gem whose kindness makes the world a better place.  I feel so lucky to have her in our lives, and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking to hire the best person that will ever happen to your pet outside of you.

– Nisa

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