Benefits of Having a Professional Pet Care Specialist

Mar 5, 2024   ComfortAtHomePetServices   Hiring a Pet Sitter

As much as we would like our pets to be with us everywhere we go, it's usually not that simple or possible and it's not always good for our animals. Humans can enjoy travel and trying new experiences with little worry, but that's not the case for our furry family members. Our pets thrive on routine and a secure environment. 

Professional Pet Care Specialists aren't just for vacations or holidays. High-energy, easily bored and/or young pets can greatly benefit from a daily walk to break up the monotony of their day and allow them to get some much-needed exercise and attention. Most destructive behaviors in the home are caused by boredom and having a Professional Pet Care Specialist visiting your pet will cut down on many destructive behaviors. 

It's best to have a regular Professional Pet Care Specialist who knows your pet well, their schedule and routine. Only hiring a Professional Pet Care Specialist right before a vacation puts both the Professional Pet Care Specialist and your pet at a disadvantage. A Professional Pet Care Specialist will require a meet and greet with your pet and speak to you about your pet, your home, and its security. A Professional Pet Care Specialist will have formed a bond with your pet and won't be a stranger entering the house in your absence. Unfortunately, emergency situations can arise, and if you already have a trusted pet sitter, they can step in to take care of your pet and already have access to your home and know your pet's schedule and routines. And how great would it be to show support and gratitude to a Professional Pet Care Specialist this week, during National Pet Sitter Appreciation Week (March 3 - 9, 2024)?!?

Not only will a Professional Pet Care Specialist be the best option to stave off boredom, but they are also the healthier choice for our pets! Pet Daycares and Kennels can expose your pets to many communicable diseases, like kennel cough, Canine influenza, Canine parvovirus and even fleas, ticks, and mange. Pet sitters allow your dog to stay at home and be in their own safe environment without the risk of being exposed to unknown diseases and parasites. Depending on your pet, being around other animals in a strange environment can be a huge stressor for them. They will be inundated with new sights, new noises, and new smells and surrounded by unknown animals and staff. Like people, all animals are different. Some animals thrive in a new social situation and love the stimulation of making new friends, while others are reduced into an anxious and shaking shell of themselves. If you have a shy or anxious pet or your pet doesn't do well with change and is prone to stress, a friendly face in a known environment can be a perfect situation in your absence. A Professional Pet Care Specialist will allow your pet to stay in their own environment where they feel safe and secure, surrounded by familiar sights and smells. The pet will be able to stay on their feeding schedule and exercise routine, lessening anxiety for the pet. 

Some pets don't travel well in vehicles; they can become stressed, anxious, frightened, or even get motion sicknesses, making the ride harder on all family members. If a pet is elderly, they may have issues entering and exiting a vehicle for numerous potty breaks during the trip or are simply too sore to get comfortable and laying in one spot can exacerbate arthritis and joint issues. There is also an increased risk of a pet getting lost in unfamiliar territory at a rest stop or being injured in a motor vehicle collision. 

If you're traveling with your pet you need to make sure you have their medical records. If there is a medical emergency, you will have to go to a different vet who is unfamiliar with your pet. Allowing your pet to stay in their home will allow your pet to be seen by their doctor who is familiar with them and their medical history.

A Professional Pet Care Specialist will be trained in pet first aid and CPR, allowing the pet parent peace of mind that their pet will be taken care in the case of an emergency. 

If you have cats, another thing to consider is a lot of kennels don't accept cats or small animals. A Professional Pet Care Specialist can take care of cats, dogs, small animals and even feed fish! Why pay twice to board a dog and have someone check in on your cat or small animals, when a Professional Pet Care Specialist can do it all and save you money!

For the benefit of your pets, home, and peace of mind, having a Professional Pet Care Specialist will allow your pet to remain exercised, mentally stimulated and safe in their own home, with their own routine and schedule, guaranteeing a more relaxed and comfortable pet.

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