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The Danger of Shaving a Pet

Jul 23, 2020   Tracey Aston   Grooming

When the summer months arrive, pet parents are always on the lookout for ways to keep their pets…  Read More »

How to Choose a Groomer

Apr 20, 2020   Tracey Aston   Grooming

There are many reasons why a pet parent would want to take their pet to a professional groomer. Groomers are trained in the proper tools used…  Read More »

How to Maintain a Pet's Coat

Apr 13, 2020   Tracey Aston   Grooming

Our pets are valuable parts of our lives and we want them with us are much as possible.…  Read More »

Grooming for Senior Pets

Nov 14, 2019   Tracey Aston   Grooming

As our pets get older, their bodies go through many physiological changes – the texture of their coat can change, they may become arthritic,…  Read More »

Pet Dental Health

Oct 17, 2019   Tracey Aston   Grooming

We brush and bathe our pets. We research the best foods and veterinary care, and we make sure to exercise and provide mental stimulation.…  Read More »

Nail Care for Dogs & Cats

Oct 24, 2018   Tracey Aston   Grooming

Like our nails, dog's nails continuously grow and need proper grooming to keep your pet's feet healthy. It's a good rule of thumb that…  Read More »

Dog Ear Care

Oct 17, 2018   Tracey Aston   Grooming

Understandably, ear care is among the top fears for pet parents. It's true, a dog's ears are complex and this causes pet parents worry about possibly…  Read More »

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