The Life of a Professional Pet Care Specialist

Mar 7, 2020   Tracey Aston   Hiring a Pet Sitter

I truly believe being in pet care is a calling. It's hard work being responsible for the loved ones of others and I take that commitment very seriously! Some days are hard, some days are full of love and cuddles, and some days, well, I end up in the back of a police car with a large Weimaraner! 

How did this happen you ask, the dog in question, while sweet, is very reactive. Our morning started out as it normally does with a walk around the neighborhood. We made it halfway around the neighborhood before I noticed one of the next door neighbors' dogs had jumped the fence and was running lose in the neighborhood. Since the dog belonged directly next door to the loose dog, it made it difficult to get my dog home as the loose dog kept going to back to his house, in very close proximity to us, which made it a very unsafe situation. Fearing the neighbor's dog would be struck by a car or that an altercation was imminent, I called the police for help.  The officers were friendly, and after I provided them with a leash and extra treats, they did their best to corral the neighbor's dog, but the dog was always one step ahead of them. After explaining my concerns about the loose dog and my reactive dog, the officers offered to give us a ride back to my client's house.

Then there are days when all you can do is laugh. Many times I've felt like I was reenacting a scene from Scooby Doo, as I would be running from room to room, attempting to catch a cat who always managed to scoot out the door and into another room before I could get to them.  Or, the cats who have somehow managed to run the entire length of a box spring while upside down and I end up on my hands and knees crawling from one side of the bed to the other, all the while the cute kitty manages to stay one step ahead!

I've yelled things like “don't eat poop” “stop sliding your bum on the ground”  “are you licking yourself again” in public places, sometimes to the shock and dismay of those who don't know I'm speaking to a dog.  I'm seen more heads whip around than I could even begin to count!

I've seen more poop and wiped more behinds than I ever thought was possible.

I've had kittens climb me like a tree as I was getting their food together while their siblings sat on the floor and sang me the song of their people.

There are days I get more exercise than the dogs in my care! This is especially true when a game of fetch turns into a game of keep away or the dog simply watches as a throw a Frisbee, then looks back at me and I have to go fetch it!

I've woke up white-knuckled, clinging to the side of a bed with a dog stretched out over the entire bed and their cat sibling sitting on my head purring away causing my entire head to vibrate.

I've spent more time convincing dogs that dirt and rocks are not gourmet cuisine that I would like to admit.

Oh, and the cats who bring dead or half-dead presents into the house. Or worse the alive ones! I once had a cat bring a live mouse into the house and as soon as the cat dropped the mouse, it was a benny hill chase around the house with me, a dog and 4 cats trying to catch this mouse!

These pets are important to me and I take their care very seriously but some days you just can't help but laugh. Thankfully, the pets always seem to know just when I need a good laugh and for that, I'm grateful!

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