I Took Care of Your Pet Today

Mar 5, 2020   Tracey Aston   Training

I took care of your pet today.  I was so excited to meet your pet and get to know them but upon meeting me, your pet shied away from me, so filled with fear.  At first, I didn't understand why this young, healthy dog didn't like walks and seemed nervous. Your dog wouldn't sniff around or enjoy the environment but stayed glued to my side in fear.

Then I found out. You had hired a trainer who was abusing your dog.  You didn't know any better. You wanted the best for your pet and trusted your trainer. Your generally happy and loving dog became fearful and anxious at the thought of being outside because it has been pinched with prong collars, choked with choke chains and shocked with e-collars. Your dog would cower in fear when I picked up a collar or harness, tuck their head down and held their ears back believing they were about to be punished instead of having a great time.  Living in fear is not fair. Believing the small joys in life will bring on pain isn't fair.

I cared for your dog today and now we are teaching your dog a better way! We are communicating in a way your dog will understand. Praising your dog and showing them affection.  Teaching them to think and sniff and roll in the grass and smell the air! I'm watching your dog become the dog they were always meant to be!

Now your dog gets happy to see me coming up the driveway! Your dog has equated me with fun, and joy and the ability to take a walk without pain, fear and anxiety! I helped your pet blossom into their full potential today! 

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