Professional Pet Care Specialist As Your Go-To Person

Mar 3, 2020   Tracey Aston   Hiring a Pet Sitter

In past articles, we've gone over all the wonderful benefits of having a Professional Pet Care Specialist and what it takes to be a professional but did you know your Professional Pet Care Specialist should also be your go-to person for all pet related care?

Professional Pet Care Specialists will constantly be continuing their education on all the latest trends, nutrition and dietary needs, health and wellness, exercise needs, anatomy, growth and development stages, diseases, recognizing signs of illness and pet first aid. Technology and health are ever growing and changing and things that might have been true 2 years ago are no longer true. By continuing their education Professional Pet Care Specialists will be on top of all the latest news and education regarding the health of your pet.

By studying nutrition and health and wellness, they can offer advice and knowledge on any diets, the proper nutrients and pet food for all stages of your pet's life, and nutritional supplements for medical issues or diagnosis.

All pets are individuals, like us, and will show signs of illness a little differently, but for the health and safety of your pets, a Professional Pet Care Specialist will be able to recognize the signs of illness and potential emergencies.  They can then work with you and your pet's health care provider to formulate the best course of action to return your pet to health or to help them through the stages of their disease progression.

Professional Pet Care Specialists are often asked their opinions, advice and recommendations on the best veterinarians, groomers and trainers. Since the Professional Pet Care Specialist will often be involved in all aspects of the pet care community, they can offer the best knowledge of what type of trainer or groomer would be best for your pet.  Some groomers will offer breed or standard haircuts while others excel in competition haircuts. Not trainers are created equal, and your professional pet care specialist will know who is best for your pet with modern, scientific based, positive reinforcement and who will be willing to work with the Professional Pet Care Specialist to keep consistency for the pet.

In addition, because pet sitters have a coverage area and will need to know all the local veterinarians and health clinics in their service area, they can recommend not only a well-trained veterinarian but a local one!  In addition, professionals will know of all emergency veterinarians or vet clinics that are open late, have Sunday hours or offer same day appointments.

Professional Pet Care Specialists are often involved in professional networks and can recommend other insured, bonded, professional pet sitters if they don't happened to cover an area. By being in a network, they know who in the area is best for your pet, who is trained in pet CPR and first aid and who is insured and bonded for the safety of you, your home and your pet. While your Professional Pet Care Specialist will do their best to recommend a network member for your help, always do your due diligence and research to make sure that particular network pet sitter is a good fit for you and your family.

Having a professional on your side means having someone who will put in the time and energy into forming a relationship with and your pet and having someone who truly wants the best for your family. This is a serious business to them, their livelihood, and as such will be constantly working to improve themselves and their companies.

You offer it to your pet, their health and safety to find a professional who can be vested in their care and offer their expertise to families and pets. 

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