Cat Misconceptions

Jun 3, 2019   Tracey Aston   Health & Wellness

“In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.”

“Dogs have owners, cats have staff.” 

We've all heard the funny, cute and silly popular quotes about cats showing them as aloof, over-independent dictators who sashay to the beat of their own drums. While these sayings may be based in some truth and make us smile, there are a lot of misconceptions about cats in general. 

The most popular misconception about cats is they are aloof and don't bond with their owners. Any cat owner can tell you this is an absolute fallacy! While some cats require a bit more alone time than others, cats show their love and bonding to their owners in many ways. Sometimes, in ways that require picking up dead gifts from the doorstep but that's their way! Some cats love to snuggle and sleep in the same bed with their owners, some cats will come running when their owner returns and some cats refuse to leave their owners laps. All of these ways, even the icky ones, show that cats are bonded to their owners and care about their wellbeing. 

Another top misconception about cats is they don't need bathed, brushed or groomed! Yes, cats will clean themselves to an extent, but they still need brushed to keep their coat and skin healthy and remove undercoat. Cat nails are much different than dog nails and many people think that means they don't need clipped, that's not the case! Cats scratch to sharpened their nails and stretch their muscles, this does NOT wear the nails down. Long nails risk getting caught on objects or furniture and causing an injury to the cat's paw if they pull away. 

Those who say cats can't be trained are just plain wrong! Cats are intelligent and if you've ever tried to hide treats from a cat on the top shelf, you already know this! Cats are inquisitive problem solvers who can hunt, stalk and figure out how to get on top of the refrigerator with ease! Cats can also be litter trained, taught to play fetch or word association games! Some cats can even be trained to walk on a leash and can go on short walks with their owners.

Speaking of playing, many think indoor cats don't need exercise and mental stimulation but they absolutely do! Cats need physical exercise to keep their cardiovascular system in top shape and mental stimulation to keep their senses and mind sharp! A trip to the local pet store will show varied different types of exercise equipment for cats from hunting boxes or scratching posts and catnip toys! 

Got Milk? Well you shouldn't give it to your cat! This misconception can lead to stomach issues and diarrhea for cats!

While cats are most active at dusk and dawn, they are not nocturnal! Cats can be easily trained to sleep at night, in your bed or their own. This can be done with word association training by telling the cat to go to its bed.  If a cat is running around the house at all hours of the night, it might not be getting its exercise needs met during the day.

Cat owners already know how wonderful, sweet and loving their feline friends can be but it might be a surprise to others just how many common misconceptions exist about cats! 

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