I'm Just a Dog Walker

Jan 28, 2019   Tracey Aston   Hiring a Pet Sitter

I'm just a dog walker.

I've spent countless hours of my own time studying animal behavior, training, nutrition and getting certified in pet first aid/CPR.  I've invested the time and money to become certified, obtained insurance, bond, and business license so I know in my heart I'm providing the best care possible to my clients, both human and furry. I've built my business and reputation on reliability, dependability, safety and well-being.

I set aside 2 bachelor's degrees and left a corporate position with paid vacation and paid sick days to dedicate my life to these animals and follow my dreams. This isn't a hobby; this is a lifestyle – a 24 hour a day, evenings, weekends and holidays type lifestyle.

I've given up time with my spouse and my own pets to be there for other pets that needed me.

My schedule makes planning anything with loved ones very difficult because I never know when I'll be called out.

I've missed birthdays, wedding, holidays, and family gatherings because those entrusted to my care depend on me. I've sat up into the wee hours of the morning researching new treatments and educating myself on diseases because I wanted to provide the best care to my sick or injured pets in my care.

I've been bitten, knocked to the ground, scratched, scraped, and had my arm almost yanked from its socket more times than I can count. I've laid on top of dogs I was walking when another dog charged at us and put myself between them and danger.

I've driven through storms, tornado warnings, blizzards and ice. I've slid down hills and got stuck in snow because I couldn't leave a pet unattended and without food and medications.

I've been covered in poop, pee, slobber, vomit and blood. They needed me.

I've been the call at 2 AM because a pet ate something it shouldn't have and a client was in hysterics needing advice and support.

I've helped owner's track lost pets in the middle of the night.

I've taken found dogs to the police or a rescue in an attempt to get them back to those who love them.

I've had clients become friends and then family. I've been there for births, deaths, and funerals.

I've held the hair back for sick client's going through chemotherapy and the hands of those going through divorces or family deaths. I've sat. I've listened. I watched people I grew to care about fade before my eyes.

I've bought food, medication, harnesses and leashes out of my own money because I knew a family, a pet, was in need.

I've rushed pets to the hospital and stayed by their side.

I've been there with clients who couldn't bear to be alone when their pet's time had come. They trust me. No one else in their family understood the bond. I was the shoulder, the advice, the warm hug of reassurance.

I've held bodies. I've held paws. I've been with pets as they crossed the bridge so the last thing they saw was someone who loved them.

I've laughed with kids, been invited to birthday parties, been to funerals, and cried myself to sleep knowing a family was in mourning.

But, I'm just a dog walker. 

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