Noninvasive and Drug Free Pet Healthcare

Oct 31, 2018   Tracey Aston   Health & Wellness

After decades of managing prescription drug side effects, some worse than the diseases they were meant to cure, holistic, noninvasive and drug free pet healthcare is on the rise.  That's not to say prescription medications aren't needed - and even lifesaving in some circumstances - however, when possible, people are looking into other nontraditional wellness options for their pets. Some of the options gaining much deserved popularity are pet chiropractic therapies and massage. 

There are many documented benefits to chiropractic therapies and massage, including promoting blood and lymph circulation, heightened immune functions, relief from pain, inflammation and stiffness, increasing flexibility, easing the pain of aliments associated with aging, range of motion and aiding in the healing process. 

I had the pleasure of speaking with chiropractor for animals Dr. Michael Savko of Animal Healing Now on the benefits of pet chiropractic therapy and massage. His clients have referred to him as a “miracle worker” and “the best call I've ever made.”   Dr. Savko utilizes the VOM method (veterinary orthopedic manipulation), a healing technology method which “locates areas of your pet's nervous and muscle systems that have fallen out of proper communication or balance with the rest of the body and the brain.”  If the words ‘orthopedic manipulation' brings up scary images of twisting and turning and bones cracking, rest assured, that couldn't be further from the truth.  This method uses gentle yet precise instrumental impulses to stimulate nerves, increase cellular communication, and restore balance to the nervous system. The work cannot cause harm and is not applied using lasers or electricity but instead uses many specific contact points on the body, similar to meridian points in acupressure and acupuncture to find and remove or reduce miscommunication between the brain and body therefore inducing healing!   

VOM can be used with all animals, including horses, birds, and even pot-bellied pigs! It also comes with many benefits that human hands alone can't accomplish, such as being more comprehensive and precise, yet easier on the patient, and it provides a deeper nerve and muscle stimulation with no harsh forces or pain. With Dr. Savko's work there are three phases:  phase 1 works with the nerves and joints, phase 2 works with the nerves and muscles and finally, phase 3 uses magnetic, infrared, and negative ion spheres to help the patient heal! 

When speaking with Dr. Savko, his passion for helping animals and his true excitement about animal healing is apparent in his voice. One gets the impression this isn't a job to Dr. Savko, but a calling. He doesn't simply believe in treating but in true healing, as it gets to the root cause of the issue.

One of the testimonials taken directly from his website, Animal Healing Now, tells the story of Duke, a nationally certified k9 search and rescue dog who was unable to even jump or walk steps without pain. 

The following is a direct quote from Duke's owner: 

"No one could tell me what was wrong with him, all they wanted to do was meds and tests. Dr. Savko saved not only my partner, but my heart." 

I heard about Dr. Savko from my uncle who is a chiropractor. I was distraught. My K9 partner of 7 years was no longer able to jump into my car, or walk up our steps without being in pain. There were no visible signs of trauma. There was no injury that I witnessed. I called upon numerous vets and no one could tell me what was wrong with him. They all wanted to do xrays, and lab tests. One even suggested a regimen of pain meds. Why? They had no idea what was even wrong with him. All of these options would have cost me hundreds of dollars, or more, with no guarantees.  I called Dr. Savko. He was HONEST right from the start. He LISTENED to me and my concerns. He even texted me when I had questions. He is a very supportive caring doctor. After consulting with my veterinarian, we scheduled an appointment at his office in the Holiday Park Animal Hospital. 

Visit one:

Duke met with Dr. Savko. Doc checked him out and determined where the pain was, and right away explained to me what was happening to Duke's body. He worked on him, and even used his magic magnets. He explained that Duke would be a little sore, but should improve over the next week.

Visit two:

We had our appointment. Duke jumped in the back of my car! For the first time in over a month, he was starting to be more active. I could start to see a different pup. A pup that was in less pain.

Visit three:

Duke for the first time was able to jump on the couch with me. It was the best nap that I had taken in months. He was running again, even though I was still limiting his activity, I could see my partner coming back.

Visit four:

Duke was back to his normal self! He jumped in the back of my car with no limping, pain or crying. He JUMPED in my bed and slept with me for the first time in months. My partner was back.  We are going to compete in a canine biathlon this weekend. He will be able to do all the events. It is a dream come true.  If you are giving up hope, and you don't know what to do, turn to Animal Healing NOW. Dr Savko is amazing, and he is compassionate.”

Jen Sybol, owner of Comfort at Home Pet Services, personally uses his service and has recommended his services to her clients. She has been fortunate enough to witness firsthand the miracle of Dr. Savko for herself and speaks very highly of him.

While Dr. Savko has been doing stellar work with animals for almost 20 years, and has the positive testimonials to show for it, even you giving your pet a gentle massage can have benefits. Start with long petting strokes over your pet's entire body, then use the tips of your fingers to make small, gentle circular motions. Don't press too hard, and if your pet flinches or tries to get away, move away from that spot and try another.  A long, gentle, full body massage can provide relaxation, reduce anxiety and increase blood flow.  In addition to the many physical health benefits, massaging your own pet increases trust and strengthens your bond. As well as the emotional connection massage allows you, this is also a prime time to check for new bumps or lesions and assess any changes or sore spots. As always, early detection leads to a better prognosis and if you're massaging your pet regularly, you may notice any issues much sooner.

In addition to the right sort of pet chiropractic and massage, there are other holistic remedies to help a pet without using medication as a first resort.

· Turmeric, a powerful antioxidant, also has anti-inflammatory properties and can help with joint pain and stiffness. 

· Fish oil is also an anti-inflammatory and will help with any condition that causes inflammation, including heart, kidneys, skin, and joints—such as arthritis.

· Coconut oil aids in digestion, improves coats and because it contains lauric acid, it is a fabulous immune booster.  Great for first aid, as it has antibacterial properties and is a natural way to treat scratches and minor wounds. 

· Milk Thistle is an antioxidant, will aid in detoxifying the body, supporting a healthy liver and combats gallstones. 

Another great non-invasive therapy for our loved ones is hydrotherapy. Swimming can provide many benefits, including weight loss, strength training, building muscle after surgery and easing arthritic pain. Thanks to the buoyancy of the water, pets can exercise without having the pressure of their full weight bearing down on their joints, minimizing the discomfort of moving around while injured or arthritic.  Arthritic dogs with the common large dog aliment of hip dysplasia can lose muscle mass around their hips from lack of exercise or movement due to the pain. Swimming allows them to work on building back that muscle mass without the pain or stress on the joints that walking on hard surfaces can cause.  Even healthy dogs can benefit from swimming as it provides a fun way to exercise and can be done year around, including the colder months when pets are less likely to play outside or go on walks. There are very few risks associated with this type of therapy, but as a precaution, watch for signs of skin irritation and be careful your pet isn't getting a lot of water in their ears.

Laser therapy, also called Cold Laser Therapy or Low-Level Laser Therapy, uses lower level laser equipment to stimulate cell regeneration and increase blood circulation. Laser therapy assists in healing, reduces pain and inflammation, and reduces swelling by activating the lymphatic system.  Laser therapy works directly on injured or affected areas, and therefore helps speed up healing, strengthen muscles, and improve mobility. Laser therapy can be used on a myriad of different issues from muscle, ligament and tendon injuries, to post-surgical healing, back pain, arthritis, hip dysplasia and degenerative disc issues.  Laser therapy has almost immediate results after a treatment of only 8-10 minutes, is completely painless for your pet, as it uses light energy, not electricity, and has no side effects.

Whether choosing the services of a chiropractor for animals, like Dr. Savko, massaging your own pet, or utilizing other holistic, noninvasive therapy options, it's easy to see that prescription medication, along with their numerous side effects, doesn't have to be the only answer!

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